Batshit Insane – In ur Internets, Spreadin teh Crazy

In portfolio on November 4, 2008 at 4:59 pm

The internet is a world-wide, state-of-the art communications system, allowing people from all over the world to converse and exchange information, provided that they have the appropriate connection and software.

It also makes as much sense as Jim Carey on a coffee-rush due to a Grande Double Espresso Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks, dancing in a green and purple suit while belting out a song about vegetables and mushroom soup.

Take it from an internet-addicted city girl from a third-world country in Asia, a.k.a. the Philippines: The internet is a hub for craziness. Pseuicide, shock sites, Rick Roll, bad grammar: you name it, the internet’s got it.

Let’s start off with Pseuicide. Pseuicide is a highly effective way of gaining attention without actually dying. The most important part of pseuicide, of course, is the confession, because this is where the greatest amount of attention is gained. She (pseuicide is rare in males) must confess that she didn’t really die. The world is cruel, and she wanted to prove to herself that not all people are heartless bastards. Some may express hatred, some may point and mock, but she who has risen from the dead knows better. She has gotten her answer, and she has emerged triumphant.

Also popular in the internet are memes. One of the more famous memes is Rickrolling, which is done by posting a link of something interesting, as bait for curious surfers to click on the link. These curious little beings are then directed to a cheesy 80’s video of Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” with claw-one’s-eyes-out worthy dance moves. People who have fallen into the trap are said to have been “Rickrolled”.

Unlike pseuicide, Rickrolling is the good kind of crazy, because people do it for the lulz, which means for laughs, for the non-internet language savvy.

Bad grammar is also prevalent in the internet, and may cause insanity to all those silly Grammar Nazi’s out there. One of the more amusing uses for bad grammar can be found on the website, home of the famous LOLcats. A LOLcat, or cat macros, is a photograph of a cat combined with a caption written in bad spelling and grammar, a.k.a. lolspeak. Why they have chosen a cat instead of a chicken or cow will forever remain a mystery.

The prototype of this LOLcat is the hungry, cheeseburger-loving cat, asking: “I can has cheezburger?” It’s fat and cuddly and has wide eyes that makes people just want to feed it despite the horrible spelling and grammar. Since the emergence of this image, more and more cat macros have been created, and spread rapidly through the internet. It must be popular because it’s cute.

These cat macros are generally used in photo sharing boards or internet forums. They have also been proven to be effective weaponry when spamming a Pseuicide’s confession post.

This article won’t delve into shock pictures. Some things are better left undiscovered, lest you would want your faith in God be put to the ultimate test.

There are many more things to be unearthed, and the examples above are just the tip of the iceberg. The internet feeds a person’s curiosity, engages one in hours and hours of surfing and browsing, and to think that infinite knowledge is accessible just by the click of one’s mouse button is an amazing thought that could not have been possible just a few years ago.

Just be careful to stay away from the crazy, or at least take it in good stride.

Are there any internet phenomena you know of? When or how are they most often used?


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