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UPDATE: Hi guys! It’s been years since I wrote about my experience with Danvil/Prudential Life and I know I haven’t been responding to comments. I had a problem with my email notifications for a while, plus it also seems that most of the comments already got responses from other helpful people here. For anyone asking whether I got my refund from Danvil/Philippine Prudential Life: Yes, I got my refund in full.

If you’re asking how I got my refund, please CLICK HERE to read about the steps I took. You can also scan through the comments for more experiences and tips from fellow visitors to this blog.

Good luck everyone and I hope you get your refunds back! 🙂 

Was there ever a time when you felt hypnotized by the convincing sales pitch of a salesperson, that you felt obliged to buy an insurance you couldn’t afford?

That is what happened to me when I had been offered a Life Insurance by Danvil/Philippine Prudential Life. I had been walking around SM Southmall when someone approached me and asked if I had a credit card. I said “not interested” and kept on walking away, but the guy literally went after me and tugged me, saying he just needs to fulfill his quota. As I’m usually the type to easily take pity on people, I agreed and listened to Danvil’s current promotion. Apparently, I could win a car or cash by just listening to them introduce their company to us. Amazing!

What was there to lose, right? So I followed the guy to their office on the third floor, and waited for a while before I had been assigned a saleswoman. And she was really convincing. She even told me about her daughter, being an only mom, and her heartaches. Then she asked me to write down my dreams on one of their forms, which I did, and then suddenly she was explaining about a Life Insurance Policy while relating it to my dreams. Apparently, they use that information so that they are able to attack my weaknesses. I had no idea what led me to sign the application form or had my card swiped. Soon after my card had been swiped, I instantly felt unsettled. Why hadn’t I phoned my parents first? What had gotten into me?

I had been restless all afternoon, and returned to their office on the same day, asking for my plan to be cancelled. The saleswoman said that she couldn’t cancel the plan anymore, because my card had already been swiped. I went home feeling restless, told my parents about it, and, as expected, they had been very unhappy about what I did.

My parents told me that they would accompany me on Saturday to talk to the salesperson, but the next day, I still couldn’t get myself to calm down. I researched on the company on the web and found out about the many complaints against them in several blogs, including that of Diane, who had been featured on The Probe Team‘s episode on Danvil. Really nervous now, I returned to SM Southmall with the intention of canceling my plan. Good thing I met someone else who was also intending to cancel hers. We ended up talking about it and me telling her about the scam, and we returned at the same time to the Danvil/Family First/Philippine Prudential Life/Whatever they would be called in the future, to cancel our account.

My newfound friend was able to cancel hers, but I had been told that I would not be able to have my money refunded if I canceled mine. Frustrated, I left and chatted a bit more with my friend, who suggested that we file a complaint against the misleading tactics of the Danvil salespeople to the SM Security Administrations office. We wrote a letter stating our complaint, and referenced several lines from the Constitution, before heading to the SM Security Administrations office.

And you know what we learned from the Head of Security? Apparently, you are allowed to cancel your account with Danvil within 24 hours, with full refund! The Danvil/Philippine Prudential Life salespeople, and their manager, deliberately withheld that information from me on purpose, even if I had expressed intention several times that I wanted to cancel the plan.

It was a good thing we decided to head to the Administrations office, then, or else I would not have known of that particular Company Policy. The Head of Security requested for the Sales Manager to head to their office, and she immediately said that they were able to cancel my plan on that day.

I wrote a letter confirming my cancellation of the account, and the Sales Manager counter-signed it. She then gave me a photocopy of my letter and gave her mobile and office number so that I could check on the refund, which was going to be credited to my MasterCard. The processing time is 30-45 days.

I am now waiting to see if they would really return my money in full. If they refuse, I would have to seek other means to get them to give me a full refund.

NOTE: Since I’ve written this blog, I have gotten my refund in full. CLICK HERE to read about the steps I took to get my refund back.

Has anyone had, or know of someone who had, a similar experience? Had you been able to have your payment refunded in full?

  1. […] Thank God, the cancellation process was successful and I got my refund! […]

    They even told me — no, forced me to believe — that there was no refund once you sign up. I was really restless afterwards (a common reaction to all of us I think), that I can’t even sleep that night. They even reiterated the “no refund policy” when I was cancelling my plan but I was really firm in saying that there was no clause in the contract that states that. They had no answer to that.

    Hope you get your money back. I did. God bless. 🙂

    • i got victimized yesterday,singed my plan at around 8 pm automatically they deducted P17,000 on my account surprisingly i found myself victimized.Had thesame experience as yours could you help me please. Thank you so much

  2. Hi Neri! I hope I get my money back, too. I even filed a dispute form to my credit card company to cover my bases, haha! I’m glad you got your money back, and here’s hoping I get mine, as well! 8D

  3. Danvil people demerits the true essence of marketing!

    Everytime someone approaches for some real survey,or sincere promotion offer, I would immediately rebutff them, because ot my experience with this scam!

  4. Hi expat,

    Yes, I do have to agree that their marketing strategies are less than acceptable. It’s no wonder they have such negative feedback from many people.

    On the bright side, at least now we’re a bit wiser! 🙂

  5. to those who had expiriense with the danvil plan…i signed to there policy last nov 12 then how can i cancel my policy?s december 15 p start ng byad s knila…pls email nyo ko bluemarvinp [@] yahoo [.] com

  6. Hi Marvin! You can cancel your policy with refund only within 24 hours of purchase. 😦 You can try reading through Diane’s blog ( though; that might be another way of canceling your plan.

  7. This is a story of my friend which happened last November 20, 2008.

    She asked me to spread it to all the people I know….

    I am a mall rat who frequents SM North EDSA, but never have I experienced anything like this nor have I expected to be a victim of this vicious scam. As in sobrang nakapanlulumo. Imagine I lost Php 9,500.00 in an instant!! I never realized that I will be a victim until that fateful day.

    I just got from my office and passed by SM North Edsa, I even spent an hour to stroll, at my watch it was a little past 8pm. I decided to pass by the Basement so I can go through SM Department Store. Suddenly a gay clad in formal attire bumped into me and started asking if I already have a credit card, I said “merun na”, because I was in a hurry and doesn’t want to entertain such people. But to my surprise this gay grabbed my hand and said “sandali lang to mam, may libre po kayong gift sa akin”. I reiterated to him that I was in a hurry but he didn’t listen. Despite my plea, he still insisted and even showed me the tumbler or clock that I could receive. Then this gay asked me to sign a form which he said will entitle me to play a raffle, sort of a slot machine. He started asking me questions like: where do I work? And acted like he was some kind of a friend “feeling close”. But I knew at the back of my mind that it was just a strategy. After filling up the form, he told me that I’ll be playing the slot machine upstairs, with hesitation I just agreed because this gay was so persistent. So we went upstairs, and he led me at the 4th Floor, and there I read the sign “Family First”. I went inside their office, then the snoot receptionist confirmed if I have agreed to finish the Presentation that will take 45 mins. At this point, I was starting to get annoyed and told her that it’s too long. I was about to back out, when another girl made a plea on me to stay. As I was waiting for my turn for their so called presentation, (I even thought it was some kind of an AVP), the gay even offered me iced tea and water, but I refused it. Thank God I refused it, they might have stirred it up with sum kind of sleeping or hypnotizing drug. After 10 mins, a reputable looking girl in her late twenties came out and shook my hand and introduced herself as Cheli. This Cheli girl seated me inside the office, that’s the time I had an idea that the presentation was a one on one thing. Cheli was good in communication and she started asking me a lot of things, which at first I hesitated to answer. She even used a paper as props where she writes everything we discussed upside down so I can easily read it. She asked about my plans for the future and more..Her discussion took an hour. After her explanation told me that in order for me to activate my savings account I need Php 9,500.00 as Initial premium. Then she told me that they will have to check first with the bank if I am allowed to borrow that sum of money. I thought that they will be calling the bank and make some checking. At this point they asked for my Credit Card, and I didn’t know that they will immediately swipe it. Lo and behold! My Php9,500.00 was gone! The girl asked me to wait for the printing of my policy. Whew I got an insurance policy in an hour? OMG!! There I was shocked, dumbfounded and speechless! I was victim of a persuasive syndicate that coerced me to sign something against my will. After handing me the policy I asked Cheli if I will be able to get my P9,500.00 after 1 year, she said yes. But after reading the policy at home, I realized that I will just be getting a fraction of my money after I pay the subsequent premium for 1 year.. so that’s totally BS!(Bullshit!).. Now, I want to throw at their faces the tumbler they gave me… This is not fair, as in na 1-2-3 ako ng ganun ganun lang. I went at SM just to buy something.. and what did it cost me? My Php 9,500.00? I know it was partly my fault because I entertained such people, because I don’t want to be rude. Now I’ve learned my lesson! Abuloy ko na lang ang Php 9,500.00 sa kanila..

    As of now I have no choice but to accept the fact that I was shamelessly victimized by this Scam.. I also checked it out in the net, it’s certified that a lot of people have been victimized. I don’t want to judge those who work under this company, I know you just want to earn a living for your family. But what you are doing doesn’t make you a respectable sales or marketing person. Nanloloko kayo or your taking advantage of people’s innocence.

    That is why I am informing everyone of this.

    Maging maingat po tayong lahat. Don’t give out informations easily. Wag po kayo basta basta mgtitiwala kahit kanino, kahit na po nakikita pa natin sa mga SM Malls ang mga ito. I’ve realized that even management of Henry Sy can’t do anything to stop this scammers. Please let other know about this.. Spread this to all people you know, especially those who go to SM Malls. If you ever encounter this names: DANVIL, FAMILY FIRST, PHILIPPINE PRUDENTIAL LIFE, BERKELEY…Stay away from them!!! They’ve been changing names after names. Ang Insurance po ay pinagiisipan at di kinukuha ng isang oras lang.. dahil po ito ay galing sa ating pinaghirapan… SALAMAT sa PAGPAPAKALAT!!!

    • u know wat i been a victim also hayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….same story………………IM carl joseph caburnay a col center.

    • ive experience the same, as in the same… last may 27, 2010. and as of now, im in the process of knowing how to cancel my policy.

      sakin nga 15,646.00 and nawala eh.

      • hi did you cancell your policy in danvil? same as you i also want to cancell my policy since 2006.

  8. Thanks for sharing your friend’s story! I’m sorry to hear about it, but hopefully more people will get to read this and be warned so the same thing won’t happen to them. 🙂

  9. Thanks for dropping by starcatching. 😀

    I guess you’ve read my story on my post, yes I was able to get my full refund but since I didn’t leave that office until they’ve signed the cancellation papers with the refund right there and then.

    I know that coming in that place was a mistake and before the transaction pushed through, I was able to sneak out of the office but unfortunately my mom was still inside and actually waited for me. I had no other choice but to go back.

    Anyway as for Diane’s case, she first consulted me before making the next move. I really admire her for being steadfast in the situation and all I can do from my end is always reminding her : that’s your money, you can get it back anytiem. 🙂

    Given that you got the papers already, and based on the people that got their money back, yes you’ll have the full amount back. 🙂

    Again thanks for dropping by and if ever you see another Danvil affiliated person? Smack em right away. lol. Kidding. 🙂

    • hi i’m from iloilo and i experienced it also yesterday.. i want to cancel it but i don’t know how… help how to cancel..

    • hi bob pls help me. kumuha ako kanina ng plan sa phil. prudential life. same ang nangyari sa akin. hinarang nila ako dito sa sm city iloilo then my presentation silang binigay sa akin na napaka tagal at ewan ko ba kung bakit ako kumuha ng plan. nag bayad ako ng almost 10,000 at ngayon nag sisisi ako kung bakit ako kumuha. pls tulungan mo ako kung paano ko mabawi yong pera ko at kung paano ko mapa cancell yong plan ko kasi magbabawas sila ng 1,600 sa BDO acct. ko every month kung hindi ko ma cancell. pls tulungan mo ako bago pa lumaki yong pera na makukuha nila sa akin. pls email me kung paano. ill wait for your reply. thanks a lot…

  10. Hi Bob!

    Thanks for your reply! I did feel more confident once I’ve read your blog and the responses that I would get my money back as long as I have the papers, so your blog had been a lot of help! 🙂

    Haha, ever since my experience, I’ve been avoiding the places where the Danvil people are stationed. It would be amusing to one day talk to them just to get a laugh, though. 😀

  11. hi i hve been victimised by thier scam too..Sadly I wasn’t able to cancel my policy w/ prudentialife. My blog is in my multiply site please check it.

  12. Hi Maan!

    Thanks for dropping by and I’m sorry to hear about that. 😦 I hope you can still get your money back though, if you follow Diane’s advice here: 😀

  13. hi! starcatching,

    I just want to share… i’ve had the same experience just this dec. 5th ’08 at SM North EDSA. Really the same thing that happened to indieproj. i don’t know what gotten into me for believing and following the agent to their office. In the first place I really have the feeling of backing out before signing the form but i felt like i was trapped, hypnotized or something… i know its my fault and made a wrong decision for stepping in their office but i don’t know what made me still continue to go with the process.

    I felt really bad coz in an instant I lost P9500, especially now that im saving for the holidays… haven’t slept that night either but it’s my bad and it’s too late… i’ve let them convinced me… 😦 Anyway I just think of it as a learning experience.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to cancel my policy w/n 24 hours as i’ve read in your blog that it should be cancelled w/n 24 hours. but i really want to get my money back 9500 is no joke. i’ll keep on checking with other blogs on how they handled their refund so i’ll have clues…

    If you can help me please… thanks a lot for sparing time in reading this one….

  14. Hello!

    Thank you for dropping by! I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Each time I hear of a new victim of their wrong marketing strategies, I can’t help but feel frustrated at Danvil. 😦 There might still be a way to get your money back, though! You can follow Diane’s example. Her entry can be found here.

    Good luck and I hope you get your money back! And I hope more and more people become aware of the horrible marketing strategies of Danvil.

  15. Hi, kakasigned ko lang po last saturday, dec 6,2008. Ngayon ko palang po nalaman na madami pong complain about sa danvil. sa sm north cyberzone din po ako pmunta. May way pa po ba para macancel yung contract ko?

  16. thanks a lot…

    sure thing this can help me. will keep you posted as soon as i get my refund…

    take care. peace. am out.

  17. You’re welcome!

    Hi Harold,

    Pwede nyo po sundan yung ginawa ni Diane para makuha nya yung refund nya. 🙂 Naka-post sya dito. Good luck! 🙂

  18. starcatching, thanks paano po yan di ko na cancel yung contract ko tapos na 24hours? yung link po na binigay po ninyo ala na po yung site na yun? gusto ko po talaga narefund yung pera ko… paano po kung di ko nacancel yung contract? kaylangan ko po kompletuhin ang 7yrs? may bad experience na bang nabalita na wala sila nakuha after mag-maturity na sila?

    • Hi Harold,

      Thanks, mukhang hindi ko na rin mahanap yung entry na yun ni Diane. Anyhow, yung ginawa kasi ni Diane is nagsulat sya ng letter sa SEC para magreklamo tungkol sa sales strategy ng Danvil. Binasa po nya yung Consumer Act of the Philippines tapos hinanap nya yung mga ginawa ng Danvil na violation sa Consumer Act, tapos sinulat rin po nya ito sa letter nya for SEC. Sa blog rin po ni Bob, maraming nakasulat kung paano nila nakuha yung refund nila. Baka sa blog ni Bob nyo rin po makuha yung sagot sa mga ibang questions nyo, kasi hindi po ako sigurado rin.

      Sana po makuha nyo refund ninyo! 🙂

  19. HI starcatching,

    Thank you po uli…


    Balikan nyo na lang po this thread para sa update. It’s safe not post your email here or real name. I’m going to send email to SEC and DANVIL. I hope they will respond to me. Thanks sa Blog ni DIANE.

    • Hi Red and daruru,

      Thanks for the links!

      Hi Red,

      That’s a good idea; I’ll be editing the e-mails out from the comments soon. I hope you get your money back!

  21. hello

    hay same lang tayo ng experience ganun din yung sa akin. gusto ko rin i pacancel yung policy ko kaya lang hindi na daw puwedeng i cancel yun. ANd sa ngayon binabayran ko na yung policy nag paylite nalang ako sa citibank ko. but i stil want to cancel my policy and to have a full refund 🙂 May chance pa kayang ma refund ko yung money and ma cancel yung policy>???

    • Hi Rica,

      Ang dami talagang nabibiktima ng Danvil. 😦 You can try the links provided in the earlier comments. I’m not sure if you are able to cancel your policy even after you’ve paid; however, it won’t hurt to try to write to the SEC and Danvil requesting for plan cancellation, and don’t forget to cite which points in the Consumer Act of the Philippines Danvil has violated.

      Good luck and I hope all goes well for you!

  22. PLease help me i also want to cancel my policy and refund my money. kaya lang po tagal ko ng nakuha yung policy ko from danvil last nov7, 2008. ANd nabayaran ko na rin yung 2000 plus na pina pay lite ko sa citibank card ko. may chance pa po ba na macancel ko yung policy?

    • Hi jaimee,

      Thanks for dropping by! Please see my comment to Rica above. I also hope all the best for you! 🙂

  23. hi im here again to share a good news!!! just this afternoon as I was checking my last Balance with Metrobank, the Customer Service Representative told me that I had a Php 0.00 balance.. I was shocked..actually more of an amazement..because I was expecting that the P9,500.00 that Danvil or Famly First credit to my CC will be billed thsi january.. I was ready to say goodbye to my P9,500 actually.. I just told myself that it was a bad learning experience for me. Maybe the people there realized how bad it is to get money out of deceiving people.. Or maybe they were threatened by my harassment. By the way.. I forgot to tell you guys on how I went there to cancel my plan. Actually I went there twice.. It was a week after I signed my policy.. The first attempt was not successful, because as I gave my cancellation letter to the Manager.. he said stupid things that made me just wait for another month to stop my continuous billing enrollment. But after that I couldnt sleep thinking that they will hack my credit card acct. So I reported to Metrobnk that my card was stolen and have it replaced soon… but up to now they havent delivered it to me. I’ve learned that even if I had my card replaced it will still be enrolled with the continuous billing I signed with Danvil, so meaning to say it’s useless to replace the card. I cant have peace of mind so I made a second attempt to cancel the policy, this time I brought my BF, and a friend with me.. so they will be alarmed. Upon entering the reception area, I saw the would be victims, I saw a aging woman.. and she was complaining how long she have been waiting for the presentation. I told her that she can go.. and she must not listen to whatever they say..I even told her that it was a scam.. So I discourged everyone i the room. When the manager refused that they have to talk to me while my BF and friend is present, I shouted at her.. so in short.. I became hysterical.. So I was shouting at the top of my voice..and everyone was looking. And then the lady manager assisted me inside a small room, and there we discussed cancellation. We had a heated argument, but I was able to made them sign the Cancellation letter I brought. I had a photocopy of all the papers they gave me, and I returned all the original. The guy manager made me realize that If I cancel that day, I wont be able to get back a cent of my P9,500. So I agreed, just as not to see that place and their faces ever again! So I left that place.. and even made a dirty mark when I left.. and told everyone at the reception that they DAnvil people will just get their money… After that we went downstairs to harassed the gay who forced me to go upstairs… they were all stunned. But Im not recommending everyone to make the same move… You might be beaten up by the guards… So a month have passed..and I’ve already forgotten what happened and ready to move on.. but Lo and behold they gave back my P9,500. Thanks!!! At least it was all worth it!! So next time beware of scandals…

  24. hi everyone!

    I’m glad i found this site. The same story happened to me just 8 hours ago at SM north edsa. They trapped and hold me almost 4 hrs. It took that long due to such discussions with them wherein i refused, at first. But like everyone else here, it’s only my intention to help other people and take pity on those who are in a needy state, since a girl who approached me was pleading for a quata she must acquired. They even used my daughter as a weapon to weaken my heart. And at the end, they successfully convinced me to use it as a savings for a good future of my daughter and I would do everything for her, as if i was really hypnotized. The lady, named Roche Algarja who made the very convincing presentation apparently deceived me. They booked a bigger amount rather than being explained. It’s already 4 o’clock in the morning and couldn’t sleep, trying to visualize how all these things happened so, i tried to search and luckily landed to this forum. I would definitely go back to the mall tomorrow and file for the cancellation of the policy. And i hope it would succeed or function since starcatching stated <this would be possible within 24 hrs. But my question is: I have made the transaction under Philippine Prudential life, is it the same with Danvil? I have no idea since Starcatching mentioned only about Danvil :


    The worse thing is , it is not only amounted to 9-10 t but they debited my bank an amount of P19,200.00 . They even asked/told me to sign an agreement wherein i am allowing or authorizing them to deduct or charge the said monthly subsequent premium of 1,840 pesos directly from my credit card. When i was on my way back home, I took a glance at the documents being handled to me and come to realized how it was all happened. When I got home i have directly called my Bank which is abroad and advised them to block or close my credit account for the meantime. And to my misfortune ,I have no more credit card with me since I always prefer using credit cards on vacation instead of cash due to my bad experiences, you know how worse hold-ups and magnanakaws here .  now, it happened again. My bank also informed me that the amount has been already deducted . My goodness! They even showed me a list of canvassed people(rather say a list of victims) from germany where I am staying now, mostly germans who were mislead like we are.

    I hope i would get my money back!
    Thanks for the records for now! it helped me a lot very timely.
    try to log in soon.

    • Hi indieproj,

      I’m so glad you got your money back! I got mine credited back to my card around December, as well. I’m so relieved! I hope Danvil stops tricking people into getting insurance plans on the spot; it’s not wrong to have an insurance, and Danvil seems like a legit company, but their marketing strategy only gives them a terrible name.

      Anyhow, this is a cause for celebration! 🙂

    • Hi djlotlot!

      Hmm, if it’s the Philippine Prudential Life guys at SM, then yes, they’re the same as Danvil corporation. Long story short, Danvil is Phil. Prudential Life’s “marketing arm” or something like that. Not too keen on the details; that’s what the salesperson told me about Phil. Prudential Life and Danvil but I don’t know whether I should believe them or not, ahaha. I’ve read somewhere that Phil. Prudential Life bought Danvil but no way to verify that information, either.

      Anyhow, you can cancel the policy within 24 hours. You might want to go hard-ball on them, since what they do is gang up on you to force you into not canceling the policy. They told me that I can’t get a refund; just keep pushing them and saying that nowhere does it say in the documents that you can’t have a refund if you decide to cancel the policy. It would help having someone else with you, too, for back-up, hehe. 🙂

      Lastly, please don’t forget to ask for a Statement of Account. It’s the paper where it states that your policy has been “canceled since inception”. They never told me they gave one out, and my mom had to threaten to inform the media about them before they gave me the Statement of Account. They should have one around within a few days after you’ve canceled your policy. 🙂

      I got my refund back last December (happy Christmas!) so I hope you get yours back, as well! 🙂 Please do update us when you have! 🙂

  25. If ever one of you here read this message today and could be able to help me, please try to contact me under this numbers:

    [information deleted]

    • Also, sorry for deleting your contact information, but it’s very risky to reveal personal details on the web. We never know if someone uses this information for bad things. :s

  26. […] written shenanigans « Batshit Insane – In ur Internets, Spreadin teh Crazy Danvil/Prudential Life Updates and Helpful Tips […]

    Please check out my update!

  27. hi starcatching!! was a relief that I got my money back. There’s a lot of things I can purchase with my P9,500.00..haha.. shopping!!! Anyways, just want to feed you in with this bitz.. I watched yesterday at Channel2 that they’re welcoming complaints or stories of who were victimized by pension plans or insurances using credit cards.. Same stories with as ours.. If anyone of youe here who wants to share email them at Who knows we might be on TV.. and hopefully this shall stop.
    As fordjlotlot you still have a chance to get your money back.. well we all to have to assert our rights.. especially when we are taken advantage of.. Goodlukc!!

    • Hi! Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely try to send in an email if that could help stop what they’re practicing right now. 🙂

  28. hi! i also want to share my experience with these scams. i’m so relieved i was able to make an excuse to get out of their office before the presenattion started.

    I am from Olongapo City. On January 9,09, we had our car brought for maintenance in Pampanga. Para hindi mainip sa paghihintay, my husband and i decided to go to SM Pampanga to have lunch. I was on my way to the comfort room nung naharang ako ng isang girl na decent looking naman with make-up and a formal attire. Her name is Ofelyn. she asked me if i had a credit card.Because i thought she would be offering me to apply for a credit card with whatever company shes working with, i said i already have one. at gaya nga ng experience ng iba, inumpisahan na niya ang magaling niyang pambobola. She asked if i would like to join this raffle for free, i could win a car without spending a single centavo, i would know if i win just within 45 minutes, etc.,. All i have to do is to play in a skot machine. she said its just a promotional scheme, because they dont advertise they make people know about their company by conductig this raffle promo. If i win, the only thing i have to do is to smile and allow them to take my picture beside the car which is the prize for the raffle and they will use it for their posters. i checked on the lady’s identification card. she had two i.d.s and one of them had the logo of SM. So i thought, if they are scams, maybe SM will not let them use it’s name. Although when she asked me to show her my credit card, medyo nagtaka na ako. i asked her if i can show her any other identification card because i had many in my wallet, but she said hindi daw pwede. why a credit card? since for identification lang daw and she just looked at my card, i signed the raffle ticket and went with this girl to their office in the next building. While we were walking going to the next building, this girl asked questions about my background like am i a former OFW dahil parang galing daw ako sa abroad…etc. She told me may naipanalo na daw siyang contestant. He won a car at nagblow out siya sa Gerry’s Grill. If i win bigyan ko daw siya ng commission… I asked her, baka naman mamya may babayaran dyan? sabi niya wala. Baka pagdating ng bill ko sa credit card, may kasama ng iba, wala rin daw…
    At the next buildingShe introduced me to another woman at the counter. Nagtaka ako ulit when the first girl was clapping her hands.parang binobola na ako as if i have won the raffle already. this other woman gave a paper on which my name was already printed. Then she asked to see my credit card and asked if it was active. after looking at it, she returned it. then another woman was assigned to conduct an interview on me. She let me fill out a form. she was asking information about my husband and our children.i asked why and she said it will be needed for verifivtion later when i claim the prize. Nagtaka ako kasi yung style nila nililito ka nila.Like after writing my surname, the woman asked taga saan daw kami? after writing my middle name, taga saan ang mga ganyan? whats my work? my husbands? then she turned on my blouse kung swan daw ba or letter S yung design sa logo? then another woman approached while i’m filling up the form and asked kung taga saan ako? when i replied from olongapo, nagtanong na from what part and asked the different places in our city if i’m familiar with them. then another man approached.he was introduced as the supervisor at kinamayan ako. IN short, there were now three people entertainig me.Nagtaka ako lalo, bakit? hindi ba kaya ng isa o gusto akong lituhin? Good thing my husband texted me. I was not able to tell him where i went. before i was supposed to go to the CR i left him with our daughter duon sa area na may rides. My husband asked where i went and why im taking too long at the CR. I asked the trio how long it would before the raffle would start. They told me i would have to watch a presentation first and it would take 45 minutes. I texted my husband and told him I was convinced by a sales person to participate i a raffle and it would take 45 minutes. He told me to tell them next time na lang.Sabihin ko raw were late for an appointment. So that’s what I did. i told the trio i thought the 45 minutes would start from the time the girl who brought me there started talking to me. I told them na naharang niya lang ako, i was really going to the CR. So nagdahilan ako na naiihi na talaga ako. I said i will just withdraw from the raffle and i will return this free item which is the clock the first girl gave me. They tried to convince me na 10 minutes na lang daw since nandun na ako tapusin ko na. I said i will just withdraw. Then one of them became a little rude, she said wala daw akong iwiwithdraw because they did not take anything from me. I said i will withdraw the stub i submitted because I was worried because it had my signature. Then i was then holding the form they had me fill up. One of them said i have to leave it, its company property. I said ok, but don’t use the information i have already written in it.They continued to convince me to finish the process but i went straight out of the door and acted as if i really need to go to the comfort room. Actually i felt a little ashamed at that time because baka bastos na ang dating ko.

    But still, when we were already home, i was still worried with the first form i signed because it had my sigature nga. Inisip ko na lang anyway, they were not able to get my credit card number or had it swiped so siguro naman i;m safe….

    Actually i was still worried kaya i surfed the net and that’s how i found this web site. i;m relieved to discover that i was able to escape from those fraud. safe pa rin ako because they were not able to swipe my credit, p9,5000 is a big amount. Thanks.

    • Hi Mirriam! Thanks for sharing your story and I’m glad you were able to get out of there before they got you to give them any of your hard-earned money! I wish I did that too, back then, para less hassle sana haha 🙂

      Also they take different amounts from different people. Usually they give a price and if you say no, pababa ng pababa until you’re with them for like 3 hours or something already and you say “yes” because you just want to get out of the room. It’s one of their tactics, haha 🙂

  29. hi. i’m going to refund my money. i sent a letter to the SEC and someone’s replied to it. sent a letter in my home. i’l just going to confirm today when is the refund. already talked to the head office of prudential. and surrender all the documents. I’l tell you later.


  30. hi starcatching, pede ko rin ba ma refund yung money ko kahit 3 years na ako naghulog? na aalarma na kase ako baka lalo wala ko marefund in the near future. Hope you can help me.

    • Hi Dante! I’m not really sure; I hope you can, at least? It’s always good to try to consult a lawyer or write to the SEC.. 🙂

      I’m really wary to advise you to stick to the plan as well; recently, I’ve been reading stuff from other blogs that Danvil also uses delaying tactics when people try to claim the maturity.. :S

      It’s always best to try to get your money back, in any case. I’m sorry if I couldn’t help any further. 😦

  31. pede mo ba ako bigyan ng sample letter sa SEC at IC
    or pls send me to my e-mail add pls.
    hope you can help me.

    • There had been a sample letter on Diane’s blog some time ago, but recently she moved domains so I’m not sure where to find one anymore… You can always try contacting someone else who has the sample letter, though! 🙂 Please have a look through the threads in Bob’s blog. Thanks and good luck! 🙂

  32. Same here i was also victimized last week but the thing is ok naman skin kumuha ng insurance kaya lang on how they explain to me the details, iba ang nakaindicate sa contract. They said that unlike sa mga banks you only have 1-3% interest & sa kanila you can earn as much as 7% of your savings . (My mistake I wasn’t able to read it that time bacause I’m confident na hindi naman sila siguro manloloko sa mga itsura nila & their office was even in SM mall. I even ask if they have a website where I can pay or update my accnt. on thier company. Sabi ng 1 agent wala daw, just have to drop by to check my money & my payment will automtically deduct to my CC (dun napaisip ako na 50 yrs. na company nyo still wala pa kyo own web site???). But when got home I read and check the numbers sa contract nila I was shock that 3% lang nasa contract & when I calculate the numbers, kahit na paabutin ko pa savings ko upto 15 yrs. wala pa cla sa 3%. By that time feeling ko para akong baby na walang kaalam-alam sa mundo kung paano nila ako naloko. Next day nagcheck ako sa internet about their company, meron naman cla web site! niloloko ba talaga nila ako. Then search ako if scam HALA ang daming reklamo. Thanks for your info guys a was able to manage to get my money back even more than 24 hours na nkalipas. Actually I’m still waiting for 30-45 days for it. Imagine 30-45 days kahit na maibalik nila our money I’m sure napakinabangan na nila to. Hindi ba may nalalaman pa cla natext that you win from their company, im sure may iba pa dyan mabibiktima. Why don’t we spread some text that their company is not doing right in sm malls (manggagancho!) just a peso marami tayong matutulungan.

    • Hi aly,

      Haha! I also first learned about their bad reputation through the internet. It’s good that you were still able to get your money back! 🙂 You’re right; we should spread the news about their company so that more people would be aware of it. I’m telling all my friends about it and posted this blog and I’m sure that text messages will help greatly too! 🙂

  33. hi,starcatching.isa din po akong nkabili ng plan sa danvil for about a year na.matagal ko na rin po sanang gustong magpa cancel sa plan ko,pero ndi ko alam kung ano step by step na gagawin ko. pls help me if possible…kung pwede lng sana makita ko yung format letter para sa SEC,PIC at para sa DANVIL mismo para at least may guide ako kung paano gagawin.
    hopefully to heard from you…..
    good day and godbless…
    thank you

  34. yeah..i have similar experience sa prudential life..but now ang strategy nile..di daw insurance un…kundi savings!! may free insurance…i tried to cancel it in behalf of my cousin kasi po im working abroad..btw, 3 days pa lang nakakalipas since that happened..and pabalik nako abroad kaya nag-iwan na lang ako ng authorization letter..sabi ng manager, kelangan daw ng personal appearance or else di ma-process ung cacellation..then 1 year daw ang processing nun????..hays …sa ngayon diko pa alam ang gagawin, but thanks sa blog na to, at least may idea nako..

  35. hello guys!!…i share the same experience as everybody here..buti na lang nabasa ko ung mga blogs din ako sa sm north ng prudential life..pero ang strategy nila, “savings” un na may free insurance..galing db? this happened last march 22 ’09. then the next day which was monday ipapa cancel ko na, kasi nga nahimasmasan ako bigla.24k kasi ung na swipe sa cc ko.aware naman ako na something was wrong during the presentation, pero parang wala akong magawa kundi umo-o sa kausap ko..kahit na may mga question ako na iniiwasan nya tinanong ko kung pede i-cancel if ever ayoko na.ang sabi lang nya, “eto namang si ate, kung anu-ano iniisip, teka kukuha kita ng iced tea..” sabay alis to get iced tea…to make it short, na swipe na ung cc ko, na ang sabi sakin tignan lang natin kung ma-aaprove ka or hindi..ewan koba alam ko naman na pag na swipe un automatic na papasok ung transaction..basta nangyari na nga.the next day tumawag ako para i=cancel, sabi ng customer service di daw pede mag transact that day (monday)kasi off ung mga tuesday na lang daw. tumawag uli ako ng tuesday. ayun, andami na nila dahilan, na kesyo di daw pede i-cancel.tinanong ko kung bakit…sagot nya, contract daw kasi un, sabi ko naman, lahat ng contrata pede i-terminate pag ayaw na ng kabilang party.hindi ganun un, sa insurance daw iba..sabi ko naman eh diba “savings” kayo at hindi insurance? pag savings pede i-close account..basta daw.dun nako buti na lang nabasa ko tong blogs dito kaya thankful ako sa inyo guys…fyi nga pala,,pinapunta ko rin ung cousin ko sa sm security admin office para mag complain, at nag iwan din ako ng authorization letter (kasi march 23 pm ang flight ko)..ayun nakausap ng cousin ko ung branch manager at naayos na din. wag ko na daw bayaran ung darating na bill na 24k at sila na bahala mag reverse transaction nun. may pinapirmahan din sa kanya na letter ung sa sm security na parang “blotter”. ewan ko ba sa sm, alam na naman pala nila na may scam na ganito eh bakit nakaka operate pa din dun ang prudential life na un.

  36. hi! i was a victim also of this scam last april 8, 2009 in SM CEBU. i made cancellation letter for that plan. my cancellation letter was received and signed by gagong Jaime Bermudez sarap nga sapakin eh! assistant manager daw. he promised that i get refund after 30 days to maximum 45 days, basta may mabill sa statement ko babalikan ko opisina nila…magsisi sila at nakilala nila ako.

    Actually, i’m still worried kaya ipagdadasal ko na lang sila na huwag sana silang magkamali na hindi icancel kundi may mangyayari sa kanila. tandaan mo ‘yan gagong bermudez….

    • jenzki,hindi cguro yan jaime bermudez ang alam ko ay jaime “jim” rodriguez cya. isa rin ako sa victim nila dito sa cebu,last march 11,2009. pero mabuti nalang at nakuha kuna yung full amount na nadeduct nila sa akin. it takes 30-45 days. you really have to go hard ball on them kasi kapag hindi, sure ako at hindi na nila e babalik ang pera mo,kaya dapat strong ka talaga. yong sa akin nga hindi sa credit card ko nakuha sa debit card ko pa so bale,good as cash yung nakuha nila sa akin.

      • excuse me po.. jaime bermudez and jim rodriguez are different. di mo alam cnasabi mo girl. policy holder din akow ng pplic sa cebu. wala akong nakitang masam sa ginagwa nila. nag punta na rin ako sa insurance commision at sec, ang sabi sa akin, isa ang pplic na mapagkatiwalaan sa dimidaming life insurance sa pilipinas, pero pag pree need, di sure.

    • bastos mo naman jenzki, marunong ka namng gumalang. saan kaba naniniwala? sa facts o opinion? wag kang satsat ng satsat, magkano ba sinimulan mow? ako nga 1.5 million kinuha ko ikaw pa kaya? wag kang manira ng tao. lowbat ka cguro, bakit ka kumuha ng di mo naman pala alam kung ano ang kinuha mow. pirma ka ng pirma na di mo naman pala alam, lowbat ka talaga. kung totoo yang mga reklamo niyo, bakit hanggang ngayon nsa sm pa rin sila? dapat na bilanggo na silang lahat. at pinalayas na sila sa sm. tama ba? nxtym isipin mo mga sinasabi mow. idiot.

    • Sa lahat ng mga blogers dito, una po sa lahat i respect your ideas and opinions. pero sa nbasa ko po, sobra naman po kayong magsalita sa pplic, lalo na po ang cebu. to tell u po, na invite din ako ng isang promo officer nila ata yun, (di ko masyado alam ang name ng position) sabi may promo daw sila, manalo daw ng car na libre at 10k us dollars. i asked that guy pano walang bayad? sabi niya wala talaga mam basta may credit card ka lang pwede nah. sumama naman ako sa office bila. haba ng nilakad kow. pagdating namin sa office, sobrang saya ng mga tao. hangang na confirm ako ng recption nila. sabi tatawagin lang daw ako ng presentor nila. di na upo ako sandali ng may limabas sa pinto at tinawag pangalan kow. tumayo naman ako, sabi niya FELIX CABRERA daw ang name niya. presentor ko daw siya, hanggang pumasok kami sa loob. pina kilala niya ang nanalo at company nila. una, shock ako kasi insurance company pala pinasukan kow. pero okey lang, sabi naman ng nag dala sa amin, walang babayaran hanggang na upo na kami at yun na nga, naganap ang tinatwag nilang presentation, savings program ang sabi ni FELIX sa akin. cyempre naman ako mahilig mag ipon, nakinig akow. mabait naman c felix, nakaka relate ako sa mga sinasabi niya. kaya naisipan kong maganda naman yung pinakita niya hanggang kumuha na akow. kaya pala sabi ng nag invite sa akin na walang babayran kasi mag iipon lang pala akow. okey naman yung plan nila. maganda yung endowment nila. kaya nag start akow. di naman mukhang sinungaling c felix. basta ang alam ko, tinulungan niya lang akow. kaya yun.. para sa akin din naman to. isa lang ang di ko makalimutan sa kay FELIX, pag gusto mo raw isang bagay, daming ways. pag di mo gs2, daming dahilan.

      more power to PPLIC – Cebu, wag kayo padala sa mga blogers na yan, kay FELIX salamat at nakapag ipon ako para sa future kow. sana marami ka pang matulungan.

      • vonna kasi your are still starting to pay ako 4 yrs na then bigla na lng na me sulat ako dated dec 28, 2010 tapos i just received it jan 19, 2011. the letter stated that my policy lapsed last oct 2010, can you imagine the strategy kung paano nangyari yon? continous ang debit sa account ko tapos may letter na di naman registered mail at nakasuklip lang sa aming gate!

  37. please help my girlfrend to get her money back. i cant help her because im here in thailand .

  38. the same thing happened to me, last saturday lang! bti n lang napa-cancel ko na! nakaka asar pa dahil pinagmumuka nila akong tanga!!thank GOD na ayos n rin! ina antay ko n lang yung refund ko! pero na credit n sa account ko yung kinuha nila sa CC ko eh, inde ko nman n cgro babayaran yun db??
    sana tumigil n sila sa panloloko nila!
    kahit studyante bibktimahin nila para lang mkabenta!!
    at si RYAN YSMAEL NG SM NORTH NA SALES MANAGER NAPAKA WALANG MODO! akala mo kung sino, wala rin palang maibubuga!! takot naman pala!!!

    • hi! pwede po tx po kau number ko 09087125822..biktima dn po ako eh d ko po talaga alam gagawin. xenxa na sa tx lang kasi di po ako nanenet the extreme ne to na ung number ko na kelangan ko ipost…please help…anne

  39. Add me to the list of victims, I just got duped by philippine prudential life last sunday May 04, 2009. I have the exact same experience as described in this blog, only now at SM North. To those who have experienced this recently, please contact me here:, any help is appreciated, thanks.

  40. My wife & I (OFW) were also the victim of danvil last july 19, 2008 at sm south mall. I’m now scared too, upon reading all the testimonies published in this blog. I dont know what to do??? I tried surfing at the internet all day in order to collect some info about this company & by luck, I found this danvil website: and one more thing we received a letter from phil prudential life insurance company (Singapore) as almost the same stated in this website Please clarify coz I’m puzzling now a days. Thanks & I hope, this websites could help us all. Good Luck to all the victims……esp me!!!

  41. What made you say that DANVIL business is scam? Do you have experienced to justify your allegation. As far I am concerned, when my best friend died on a vehicular accident last February 15, 2007, all the claims were released to his family on time including a P1,000,000.00 rider insurance.

    Please let me know of your reply through 215-3974 or 0917-8002238.

    Thank you.

    Abdulcamid Tanandato

  42. OMG, actually i had signed their insurance 2 hours ago.. im also at SM north edsa and then this gay guy start talking and saying that was only a raffle then i end up in their presentation.. and same story on what i had read here, they said that they will only check my cc, account if im qualified then all of a sudden they swiped my cc and i was shocked…. damn those people.. i went home and search the net and found this site. shittnness!!! I’m going to write a cancellation letter and i will give it to them tomorrow. I WANT MY MONEY BACK GOD DAMMIT SCAMMERS!

    ill post again my story after sending them a cancellation letter..

  43. Hello. I’m just wondering how all who have been victim of this went through the same thing and felt the same thing and still nabiktima pa rin tayo. I hope somebody can help me. Nagbakasyon lang ako dyan sa Pinas for three weeks nabiktima pa ko. Of course I don’t know anything about Danvil or Prudential Life, I’ve been gone for nine years. Ako na siguro ang latest victim, July 3 and it happened in SM Fairview. Wala nga silang paperworks binigay sa kin dahil nga madaling-madali ako the mall is already closed. I-mail na lang daw nila sa Phil. address ko which is very close to the mall. Hanggang paalis na ko wala pa rin paperworks and called them to say that from day one e gusto ko nang i-cancel pero wala nga akong paperworks but then i-cancel ko na lang to. Ngayon dito na ulit ako sa US ni-report ko sa credit card company ko. sabi nila I should try to talk to them first if not sila ang hahabol. I’ve been trying to send them emails pero puro failure notice. It’s hard dahil malayo ako diyan. I hope you guys can give me advice. Thanks.

  44. hi.. just like to ask help about my friend.. she want to cancel her policy but unfortunately she can’t get the refund about 24,000 plus from her insurance. According to the prudential she can’t no longer get the refund its because the she did not cancel it w/in 24 hrs. how true is it? please give us help. My friend was so worried.

    • try writing a letter of complaint to SEC and state the rules n regulations na viniolate ng DANVIL. or try reading BOB’s page, i think andun un mga steps. P24,000 din un naswipe sa credit card ko! argh

    • hi nica! pls contact me.. we have the same hndi ako lagi ng nenet kea pwede tx tx na lng…09087125822

  45. I had a very bad experience with danvil when i went for a holiday in Phil. last March. I didnt expect that such thing would happen to me. I went shopping accompanied with my cousin in SM megamall. I was talked into buying an insurance plan that i do not need just for them to return my credit card back. I have never had anyone made me feel so stupid. They managed to get 24,000 out of my card because they said that i can refund my money within the next 3 days but when I tried to phone them up the following day but no one is answering on their customer service line to tell me what was goin on.
    These was appaling because in London if you bought something. you have a 30 days cancellation period to cancel it off if you ever changed your mind. I am now scared to go back to Phil. I feel that i do not belong on the country anymore being away for so long and becoming a victim of this maleficent scheme made me ashamed of coming from the country where scarcity is causing people to become theives. They can have the money for all i care but the trauma of being on that room with these monster sales people still gives me grief til now.

  46. i got my policy last august 4,2009 unwillingly so after few weeks i decided to cancel it…im from baguio and all my transaction with prudencial is thru email and calls.I am a returning OFW and will also leave soon..i told them what happened and i really stood of my words that the way they do their marketing is policy was cancelled and now am waiting for my full P48,000 refund as what they promised in their letter.
    FYI…i called their sales and marketing director at first then sent them my letter of cancellation.
    Try to contact them on their head office.

  47. kakabiktima lang sa akin kagabi sa SM Megamall at talagang hindi ko rin maintindihan kung panu ako naloko.Very same yung nangyare sa karamihan n nagcomment dito. eh mejo restless n ako after ko mabasa yung lahat ng papeles n meron ako ngaun (policy page,confirmation sheet,etc.) Ramdam ko n kagad n nadenggoy nga ako.buti nlng chineck ko ngaun sa internet at nabasa ko itong blog n ito ngaun.sobrang laki ng naitulong least pasok p ako sa 24hrs n pwede magrefund.mamya pupuntahan ko n sila at magdedemand ako ng refund,at cancellation memo(yun yung advise ng credit card bank ko).hopefully maaus ko rin ito kagad kc di rin biro yung P6650 n initial deposit daw.anyway, cguro idudulog ko rin ito sa XXX at Imbestigador kc sa mga nabasa ko ngaun,matagal n pala cla nakakapagbiktima.dapat i-entrap na sila.

    hay, anyway maraming salamat ulit…

    ps:cguro nadali ako nung iced tea…pambihira!!! 🙂


  49. Hi. Just wanted to comment about this Danvil fiasco. It happened to me a few days ago. In a sense, I cant say i was victimized coz I was interested in their ‘forced savings’ concept but what pissed me off after the whole thing was the misrepresentation and the willful deception of their sales consultant in the name of Oliver Costales. He never mentioned any initial deposit of P48,000. all he said was i needed to make monthly deposits of P4,600 to the bank of my choice. If i want to make payments thru my credit card, I have to have my card checked of its credit limit. I told him i know my credit limit and its far more than 48K. But he insisted its just a formality. Long story short, he used my credit card to pay for the initial investment of 48K without disclosing it to me. I asked the cashier if she was swiping my card for a cash transaction and they refused to answer. I said i am not prepared to pay P48K to a company i barely know. But this asshole Oliver said all they were doing was to check with the credit card company if my credit was good. anyway, they let me sign a bunch of documents and sat me down when I showed a little irritation on what they were doing coz i have been there for more than 2 hours already. next thing i know, their sales manager Ms. Marion Lou Recla shakes my hand and congratulates me for a wise decision. What the fuck was she talking about? I was already late for an appointment with a big time businessman so I didnt have time to complain.

    Upon arriving home, i called the credit card company and true enuf, the bastards did swipe the card and debited the P48,000 to my credit card. I had my credit card blocked coz i thought this Oliver guy might use the information in my biodata and use it to order online and charge it to my credit card. then the following day i did the following;

    1. I went to SM Southmall Admin Office to talk to their security officer. I gave them a copy of the cancellation letter I made to be given to Danvil.

    2. SM Southmall security called on the Branch manager of Danvil for a sitdown meeting. I explained everything. I brought my Mom with me for back-up. You should always bring someone with you to help you just in case they want to corner you or trick you into doing something hasty again.

    Note: The security officer of SM Southmall that I was only the 3rd person to complain about Danvil!!! Imagine, of the hundreds of victims within the Southmall area, i was just the 3rd person to file a complaint! So, this means all complainants go directly to Danvil. Big mistake! You should go to the SM Admin and insist they call on Danvil to talk to you in the SM admin office.

    3. After the Branch Manager of Danvil assured me that I will get my demands (cancellation upon inception of the policy and refund of my P48,0000) I was invited to go to Danvil’s office.

    My point here is, go directly to SM Admin Office and file the complaint. Then talk to Danvil. Dont accept their terms. If they resort to passing you around from one officer to another, magwala kayo!!! They dont like it when you get angry, or raise your voice but you have to do it to make your point. dont let them bully you around. My strategy was to insist that their company resorted to misrepresentation and willful deception. That is grounds for cancellation of the contract. They did not act in good faith.

    also, any insurance client has 1 month to examine the policy and contract and if he deems he is not happy or feels that there was deceit or misrepresentation, he can return the policy and demand for a refund.

    Danvil received my cancellation letter, noting that it will cancel the policy and refund the 48K. They also issued a letter to me that they will contact the credit card company to reverse the transaction. tomorrow I will call citibank to file a dispute report for the 48K that Danvil charged to me.

    I should be getting a response back anytime this week.
    I threatened that I will report their sales consultant, Mr. Oliver Costales, their Sales Manager, Ms. Marion Recla to the insurance commission if my P48k is not refunded within 30-days. these people should not be practicing a noble profession if all they want to do is earn at the expense of other.

  50. Btw, even if its past 24 hours you can still go back and have ur policy cancelled. Again, my advice is to course it first thru SM admin office/Security Officer. Basta dont allow Danvil pipol to push u around. They’ll make all excuses, pagpapasa-pasahan kayo sa ibang tao, but stand ur ground. Tell then you will report the insurance agent and the manager who duped you to the Insurance Commission. As long as nasa lugar kayo, and you insist that you will not leave unless you cancel the policy, they have no choice. Takutan lang yan. Unahan nyo na.

  51. Hi im ann i was one of the victim also just yesterday september 18-2009. It was the big mistake i ever made i was totaly naluko talaga nila. worth of 96,000.00 nakuha nila sa ATM account ko for that philippine life insurance.. lucky when i got back home i check on the internet about this company and i read all the blogs and i almost crying and going crazy to read all the negative about this company. I was restless i could not sleep over the night and cannot wait the sun come out so that i can go back to SM MALL CEBU. What i did i brought my TIGER MOM. hehehe then i made a Letter of cancellation. I went to office.dun na nag simula ang mahabang mom was ready mad and nobody cant stop her. Until they aprove my cancellation. I need to wait 30-45days process. But i have to go back there oct3 to get my statement of account.. They give me a letter which signed by the manager that they going to give full refund.. Its good to cancel the policy within 24hours..Dapat magalit ka talaga kulang nalang magsigawan ka dun at ipaalam sa mga tao.. heheh joke.. talk in a nice way at the end.. Now im waiting for my refund..Thanks God im so happy…

  52. Hello there! Just want to share same experienced with you guys that was last April pa when I was being deceived with their dirty tactics in SM CEBU CITY. Yesterday I request for cancellation coz I feel that this company is not a stable one. But they refuse to refund since my plan daw will have a cash value after a year and only the interest I can received as what their costumer service explained, then here goes their supervisor again explaining…to make the story short I will wait 10 working days for us to have discussion between me the management and the agent. But I can’t wait that long! If they really want settlement from that time, she could have just call the agent attention. Their delaying strategy! My agent explains about savings with free insurance, Another MISREPRESENTATION THING! it’s not my fault now. all I want for them to return my money! For those of you guys encountered problem like mine. We must take an action now! I will send letter to the security admin office of SM Mall. We can assemble there if you want or just send your letter, so as they can also help us.

    Thanks guys for sharing your experienced! I gathered some useful information.

    God Bless us all…

  53. i am also a victim of prudential….
    and i want to cancel it and to refund my money
    same way as the others
    can you help me how to get my money back

  54. hello guys! can I still recover my money though it’s already a month since I got the endowment policy? What are the necessary actions to cancel it?

  55. to those who are planning to cancel their plolicy, pls do now!!! wag kayong papayag na sabihin nila “be back tom to process the cancellation”–wag kayong papayag magtanong kayo sa ibang tao with a higher position sa office nila kase delaying tactics nila yan. manager yung nakausap and sabe saken dahil holiday today walang bank which is true but! bumalik ako after lunch then iba yung kinausap ko and sabe i can cancel my policy on that day and even on the same day nagsign kayo ng policy!!! if 5 seconds ayaw nyo na, pwede nyong icancel and be firm about it wag kayong matatakot sa mga yan kase job nilang kumuha ng clients yaan nyong sila maghabol sa inyo basta cancel nyo na asap kung di kayo matahimik!

  56. sino ang nakakuha na ng refund dito?
    bakit 30-45 days pa ibalik sang refund?
    they got ur money the time u signed up, why tagal nila ibalik? what they have to do is to send the money back to the bank.right? why 30-45 days?

  57. hi isa rin ako sa mga nabiktima ng philippin prudential life last nov.7’09 sa SM north edsa ng prudential life(by Edwin Cruz alyas Sam)ang strategy nila savings yon na may free insurance,nangyari sa akin nov.7 09 the bumalik kami kinbukasan para ipacanel kasi nalaman ko na lang pag uwi ko na 243,83.00 pesos na swipe sa credit card,kasi ang sabi sa akin ni Sam wala akong babayaran icheck lang yong bank ko iaaprove.doon ko na lang nalaman sa bahay na.sinabi ko sa kanya na wala akong pambayad ng monthly dahil may hinohulogan akong condo.oh!maghulog ka lang kong mayroon kang extra sabi.pero iba ang nakalagay sa policy!sabi pa ssa akin na wala akong babayaran na interest dahil lalabas sa statement ko ay savings.hinde totoo dahil sa ngayon nababayad ako ng £83.43 due ang mothly ko sa feb.15.dito ako ngayon sa uk tinatawagan ko yong number pero diko macontact i nag email din ako pero bumabalik din!please help me!gusto kong icancel paano ang gagawin ko?any help is very much can contact please please help me thanks…

  58. hi oxymonorograher,just want to ask kung pede ko pa rin ba marefund ung paymens ko kahit mag 2 yrs na kong nagbabayad..worried na kasi ko kung itutuloy ko pa ba ung pagbabayad. thanks

  59. hello 🙂 i just cancelled my insurance this morning 🙂 i hope and pray i will have my refund after 30-45 days. unfortunately, i don’t have any written documents to assured that I already cancelled and surrendered their policy. do u think i can still get it?

  60. HI…naku ingat ang lahat sa mga nagaaproach sa inyo sa SM mall na kesyo may promo daw at pwede kang manalo ng brand new car and cash…I had the same experience about this scam and hypnotizing strategy ng mga salesperson or agent ng Philippine Prudential Life…luckyly nagising ang diwa ko nung kinukuha nila ang credit card ko para daw iverify kuno!!! actually iswaswipe na pala nila… Dont trust anyone…especially sa mga taong tong nasa SM Mall..di lang sa Manila yan even sa SM Pampanga…Ingat po kayo…na maloko!

  61. oh my! i dont know how long this started but until now they’re still on the hunt looking for people to be fooled by this scam..early this afternoon i was in SM MEGAMALL 5th floor and a gay came to me and asked if i already have a credit card then i said i have. He introduced himself, his name is ERICK, then told me that they (the company) will give me a bag, clock or a tumbler and i will also have a chance of winning the honda car(by playing the slot machine) that was displayed outside of their office just for promotional activities instead of them paying for TV ads BUT before i get those i need to spend at least 45 min to listen to their product. He even stressed out that they are not selling anything, all i have to do is listen. At first, i was hesitant coz i felt that it is scam but since the gay guy begged that im his only client, i was convinced to get inside the room. He introduced me to a guy who i think is also gay and his name is FRANCIS so there, he started asking questions..first, about my work, which i said i dont have right now..i even told him that im a bum lol. second, what school i graduated and my course. when i told him that im from ateneo de naga he said he’s also from UP Diliman and he’s a psych grad. Lastly, about my parents job…(they would really go into those details for u to become comfortable with them) After those personal questions, he showed me a lot of persons who signed up in their scam ( its not an insurance from what i have understood, correct me if i’m wrong coz i wasnt really listening to it…he said its a savings type)
    Take note, he showed me a lot of pictures of celebrities who availed of it and imagine this, it took him 3 hours to convince me and finish 3 bond papers for his presentation…while i was there those girls that were convinced we’re being introduced inside that room and as far as i remember there were 2.And since it was really taking too long for me, i already wanted to go out and told FRANCIS that i wasnt interested and that i dont want my card to be swiped. From his first offer which was 14,010 he asked me how much i could give now. I told him that i dont want to spend money coz i have a lot of bills to pay as of the moment but he was so persistent. I was already mad coz he was already somewhat harassing me to pay a certain amount. Until, his manager, which i forgot the name, came to our table, got my form and put an X on it, and heard him say “TAMA NA YAN FRANCIS SAYANG NG ORAS” in an angry tone. HOW RUDE! Maybe he’s mad coz im not that easy to be fooled. So, i hope this serves a lesson for everybody…For those who have read this please inform your friends about this scam so that they wont lose their hard earned money.

  62. OMG! Hi! I just read this blog. My PPL Plan is still active and I’m paying for it monthly. I got it last May 2009. DP of 24k and 2300 every month. Can I still cancel and get my money in full? The monthly payment is directly debited to my Unionbank Account. Please I need help!

  63. hi…sat in the afternoon June 19, 2010),me and my 3-yr old daughter went to SM ANNEX NORTH EDSA to meet my previous officemate when this girl from PPLIC (Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company) offered me some goodies that can be used by my daughter, not knowing that this was just the start of their marketing strategies….and proceeded to their office located lower ground of the said mall.
    As I went home,things that happen to me in their ofc just sinked in my mind that I was victimized by this Insurance Company and they charge thru my CC an amount of P27,246.00.
    Only today(June 22, 2010) I visited their office asking them to cancel my Endowment Policy. I submitted a Cancellation letter (I was prepared for this after reading your blogs last night).Two of the sales agent keep on asking why I want to cancel the plan?then telling me that I can no longer cancel the policy and that my money will not be refunded.
    I walk-out and went directly to the Customer Service Relation of SM North…the personnel called the Manager of PPLIC and after few minutes he appeared and signed my Cancellation Letter immediately. I together with the manager went back to their office, still convincing me to continue the plan,but now I resisted any offers. They have given me Certification that PPLIC will process my credit memo w/in 30-45 days.Hopefully they are true to their words. Also, I have copy of my Statement of Account with my current status “cancelled from inception”. Beware

    Beware of this scam….nakakalat mga sales rep nla s SM Malls.

  64. shhhoooot! this is a shock to me. just got fooled by this prudential life insurance thing this afternoon, june29,2010. i was in SM Southmall when this gay named Ropio approached me asking if i have a credit card. i said NO, kasi alam ko na pagsinabi kong YES, hindi na nila ako titigilan. but this gay held my arm and said to just fill up the paper with some infos, then i am entitled to play the slot machine thing where i could win a honda car.. pakita din lang daw sa manager nya na madami syang napapapirma, pangdagdag sa quota echos! katangahan ko, naawa ako.. he brought me to their office, they asked if they could see my credit card, so i showed it to them, they’d ask for the expiration date and when was the last time i used it..?? and this guy made me sign again na nagagree ako maglisten sa 45min presentation nila. i was hesitant because i had to go somewhere and buy something plus my mum was just in the skating rink waiting for me, i know she would txt me if i stay somewhere too long. pero dahil naawa nga ako sa bakla, i said OK, coz they said nga 45mins lang and after that im not obliged to avail their service or whatever. so i went inside the office, i saw lots of people, their music was too loud… people were talking and talking while the music was playing toooo loud. i sat down, a girl named CZARINA sat with me , gave me an information sheet with MY NAME PRINTED ON IT already!! she said i had to fill up everything. she asked me so many questions, personal questions. this got me bothered… hello?? close ba tayo??? they asked about my job.. i said im unemployed! it probably shocked her, i could still see how her face changed from being sweet to… WHAT THE..?? i said supplementary card holder lang ako, my dad is the main cardholder. so she started asking about my dad! i knew right then something’s wrong.. soo wrong! this Czarina stood up, then another girl came to me, asked me the same questions.. explained about IPON.. SAVINGS.. 175,000 in 15yrs, 11,400 something as initial echos… she wanted me to do ONLINE BANKING maybe to transfer 11,400 to their bank account.. i said that’s too much! i need to ask my dad first before i start doing stupid transactions. then my mum called, i didnt answer her call coz i know she will get mad if i tell her na nagpapaloko ako sa mga yun. i asked the lady if i could go na coz i have to go home, she said WAIT. then this Czarina came back to me, explaining me things re their service which i couldn’t understand at all because of the loud music. 1min lang daw un transaction, if the bank disapproves then wala na sila magagawa. i told her i have to go, i stood up, she said meron daw silang PROPER EXIT. didnt want to be rude so ok naman ako. then her tone changed which really scared me, i was standing, about to leave when she said, UMUPO KA! WE RESPECT U KAYA RESPETUHIN MO DIN KAMI. WE HAVE A PROPER EXIT. U CAN GO AFTER PLAYING THE SLOT MACHINE. ako naman si tanga, umupo. i told her hindi na ako maglalaro. she said WAIT. i saw no one’s playing kaya sabi ko baka pwede na ako magplay, she said it wasnt my turn yet. may nauna sakin pointing to the other girl sa likod ko. i remember her from outside, sabi ko, nauna ako sa kanya so why wait for her??? that moment, i felt helpless.. parang hinostage!! tinext ko na mum ko to come help me kasi ayaw ako paalisin. so she came, nagpaka-ANABELLE RAMA sa loob, she asked for my info sheet but they wont give it coz its their property daw but my mum said, PROPERTY NYO UN PAPEL PERO PERSONAL INFO NG ANAK KO YUNG NANJAN. she ripped the paper and nagtatatalak sa loob. we went to the SM Admin office, filed a complaint.. yun mga tao sa admin were like, MAY REKLAMO SA DANVIL/PHIL PRUDENTIAL LIFE NA NAMAN!!! they called the manager of danvil para makausap namin, he was very polite and professional, said sorry, kausapin daw nya mga tauhan nya para hindi na ulit mangyari un pagppwersa sa tao kahit ayaw… haay!

    so i got home. my mum was telling me baka nahypnotize ako. she told me to search yun company sa internet, then i found this site. lahat ng sinabi ng mga nakaexperience nun ay 99% the same! i just wonder, kung madami ng reklamong ganito sa SM admin, like kanina i was asked to sign the login sheet ng SM for the complaint, may nakapirma na dun before me nagfile din ng complain sa DANVIL. bakit kalat pa din sila sa SM? they even said magopen na branch nila sa SM DAvao, Cagayan etc.. this should be stopped. right away! haaay…

  65. pa help naman po. kasi it’s been a month bago ko nalaman yung about sa scam nila. ang ng yari pa sabi nila sa akin payable with in 1 yr naman daw yung 15,000 na yon. pero pag dating ng billing ko straight charge. nag pacancel na ako ng policy kaya lang wala na daw kasi yon sa 15 day no obligation period nila. maibabalik pa kaya yung pera ko ng buo?

  66. Please help me. My money is still not charged back. Please read my full story below and updates:

    Philippine Prudential Life Scammers

  67. To the blogger,
    i have swiped my credit card last decemeber 2010 and now its already almost february, do you think i can still file a dispute and refund back to my credit card?

    thank you for your prompt reply.



  68. To the blogger,
    i have paid them by cash of P3000 instantly because of their convincing powers but im not still assured bout their policy im planning to get my money back at SM City Cebu….. i need your help please advice me what to do i just paid them yesterday 3k pesos for a plan of 1 year but i still did not use. what will i do first

  69. naku same history ren nangyre skin..ako nga 30k nwala skin last 2009 april tpos now nahuhulogan q pren.,,mawidraw q pa kya un?laki n npapakain q sknla.shitttt

  70. navictim din ao nito.. philippine prudential life.. when i came for a vacation last april.. i went to sm north edsa.. they deduct 24,352 pesos from my atm.. i was shocked cause i did not know why did i was persuade by those people.. 😦 now i’m trying to cancel my account. i just send them as email.. cause i’m here in uae.. pls if anybody can help me..

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